Smoked Goods @ The Empire Hotel

Cafe and restaurant specialising in local produce, hand crafted desserts and smoked goods. Set in a heritage listed building in the heart of Deloraine. 

The Empire was built circa 1900 by septimus Woodbury. At the time it was the tallest building in Deloraine and still is! It was originally built as a tourist hotel, providing stables and agistment for people making the trek from Launceston to the Mole Creek caves by horse. In 1917 the front corner of the hotel was occupied by Fowler’s cycleworks- local lads who built quality push bikes. There are still Fowlers living in town today. 

Over the years The Empire was often regarded as the place in town that welcomed outsiders. They continue to welcome tourists and locals alike into the hotel and restaurant. 

Cycles strive to work with local farmer’s and their produce to create seasonal bespoke pantry items. At The Empire we are always looking to do something different and better. Cycles @ The Empire has recently become a Family business with mother, father and son all working together under one roof to provide the best The Empire and Deloraine has to offer. From Mark’s impressive knowledge of the history of the Empire and famous platypus tours to Amanda’s beautiful and warm welcoming hospitality right down to Callum’s creative and skilled cooking. The Empire and cycles remain a place to share stories and make new friends. And there may or may not even be a ghost or two!