In lower crackpot there is a special place to get lost within, to find wonders big and small (quite literally), a place for laughter and enjoyment.

Find the definition of exploring again with some good ol’ family fun. Tasmazia sits amongst the country side on the outskirts of Sheffield and just next door to Mount Roland, with views of the mountain throughout the maze. Everything that you can see has been man made, a product of the visionary himself, Brain Inder.

The place has quirk around every corner, firstly enter the main maze, find the bear’s cabin, then venture to the balancing obstacles, through the little village and out to the ‘places of the world’, all in the one spot.

Once the exploring is done, it’s fair to say you’ll be after something tasty and refreshing. Head into their cafe or sit along one of the wooden booths outside and order from a range of sweets, pancakes and thickshakes. Plenty of ice-cream varieties and even their own lavender flavours.

Relax after some running around or – if in season – stroll over to the lavender rows and enjoy the view of the mountain.

A 500 Staverton Rd, Promised Land 7306 P (03) 6491 1934 E tasmazia.office@gmail.com W https://www.tasmazia.com.au/