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Hellyers Road Distillery

A story of restless hearts and pioneers, as unlikely as it is rewarding. 

Hellyers Road Distillery sits on an old exploration track of Henry Hellyer, which once led from Bass Strait deep into the wild, rugged and remote mountains of North West Tasmania.  Close to the coast, thick mountain forests gave way to the rich, fertile red soil. It was on this soil in 1956 that a small group of family-owned dairy farms joined to form a dairy cooperative. Home to pristine air and water, and locals with an appreciation for craft in their blood, they realized this was also the perfect spot for a whisky distillery.

Hellyers Road Distillery was licenced in 1997 and has since been continuously mashing, fermenting, distilling and maturing all its single malt whisky in the same distillery ever since, meaning that, while it is of course not the oldest whisky brand, Hellyers Road Distillery is the oldest operating whisky distillery in Australia.

Today’s team at Hellyers Road benefits from the foresight of their founding distillers who laid down whisky early on and set them aside for long term maturation. Today, Hellyers Road Distillery houses an unrivalled share of Tasmania’s oldest single malt whisky.

Upon visiting Hellyers Road Distillery, indulge in Australia’s rarest whisky experience – the opportunity to pour, wax and seal your very own limited release bottle of Hellyers Road 19- to 20-year-old single malt whisky – straight from the cask – complete with certificate of authenticity. Enjoy sampling a range of aged single malts and whisky liqueurs, all complimented by cafe dining…and then learn how it’s created, in Tasmania’s famous ‘secret still’ and the secret to what makes Hellyers Road single malts so distinctive and internationally renowned.

An easy 30-minute drive from Devonport, the Hellyers Road Visitor Centre offers breathtaking countryside views. Discover how Australia’s oldest continually operating distillery continues to pioneer.