Melita Honey Farm

Taste the wilderness.

At Melita Honey Farm you’ll be taken on a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of the bee and the honey she produces. There are over 50 different honeys to taste, from single origin honeys, such as Tasmanian Leatherwood, to indulgent gourmet delights like the rich Honey Chocolate Paste and Red Chilli honey.

Melita Honey Farm also produces delicious honey nougat – imagine crunchy roasted hazelnuts set in a dark chocolate nougat, or the zing of cranberries cushioned in a soft vanilla nougat, these are just two of the eight different flavours on offer. After tasting the honey and nougat go and explore the secrets of the hive, with audio-visual and interactive displays. A feature is the glass beehive and large viewing window. Watch the bees busily producing honey – all from behind the safety of glass.

Not only does Melita Honey Farm have the widest range of honey available anywhere, but you will find a unique range of honeybee related giftware, honey based skin care, beeswax candles, and health boosting Manuka honey.

Tastings and entry to Melita Honey Farm is free, and before you leave make sure you try one of the delicious honey ice creams.

A 39 Sorell Street, Chudleigh 7304 P (03) 6363 6160 W