Southern Wild Distillery

The North-West of Tassie is surrounded by clean air, the purest water, rich soil, and incredible ingredients grown by passionate growers. This place is home to Southern Wild Distillery, makers of Dasher+Fisher Gin.

The gins are named after the two wild rivers, the Dasher and the Fisher, which run from the snowmelt of Cradle Mountain, through the rich hinterland, to the pristine coast. Three gins are based on the landscape and the ingredients that are found in the area: Mountain, Meadow and Ocean, using the ‘Tassie Trio’ of ingredients- native pepperberry, lavender and wakame. They are uniquely Tasmanian, wild+pure.

The focal point of the distillery is a unique copper still designed by distiller George Burgess which also has a tasting room and a bar serving cocktails using a unique range of spirits and liqueurs made onsite.