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Van Diemens Land Creamery

Tasmanian artisan ice cream and gelato. 

Van Diemens Land Creamery proudly uses local produce like local berries, Leatherwood honey, olive oil and whisky to craft its 50 flavours of ice cream and gelato. Visit the Elizabeth Town café and factory to enjoy your favourite desserts paired with a scoop or two, and catch a peek of these indulgent treats being made through the production room window. 

Van Diemens Land Creamery was established by a Tasmanian dairy farming family in 2005 in an endeavour to add value to their milk. Using milk from their farm, Jan and Paul began creating some of the freshest ice cream available, with some batches going from cow to consumer in less than 24 hours. Today, the family has moved their focus from farming to creating artisan ice cream and gelato using as few additives and preservatives as possible, while maintaining the amazing texture and consistency of smooth, creamy ice cream.

A 10 Christmas Hills Road, Elizabeth Town 7304 P (03) 6362 4200 E W