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Western Tiers Distillery

Sample a fabulous selection of premium Tasmanian whisky

With pristine water sourced from the Highland Lakes, botanicals sourced from the Tiers, and dedication and a commitment to staying true to their passion, Western Tiers Distillery is now producing a range of premium Tasmanian spirits. A triple-distilled, Single Malt Whisky, premium Gin, Vodka, and for the rebellious at heart, a smooth and uniquely Tasmanian Poitín.

At the heart of their new distillery are the unique and beautiful copper pot stills, designed by Stillsmiths Tasmania, handcrafted by Kolmark at their Westbury workshop from the highest quality copper sourced from Europe.

Utilising a state-of-the-art control system, Stillsmiths Tasmania has created a fully automated next generation distillery which means at Western Tiers Distillery we can focus on our passion; creating spirits of unmatched smoothness and flavour.

Western Tiers Distillery showcases a fabulous selection of premium Tasmanian whisky at their tasting bar, and conducts tours, tasting and meals made from local produce, offering a unique Tasmanian experience.