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Four Tasmanian Distilleries to Visit


Up, out of reach, reserved for only the most extravagant occasions, those elegantly sculpted bottles watch over us. But if you have a drink, shouldn’t you treat yourself to the finest? Hellyers Road Distillery, Western Tiers Distillery, Southern Wild Distillery and Hell’s Gates Gin specialise in producing award wining Tasmanian whisky and gin, so make sure you savour every sip!

Whether you are after whisky or gin, these producers have you covered. Enrich your pallet and try the wonderful flavours from single malt cream liquor whisky through to strawberry, sloe or saffron gins. Between these top-shelf distillers a great wealth of knowledge is shared, so ask questions and enjoy each producer’s stories.

Positioned evenly across the coast, you will find that no matter where you start your journey on the trail, one of these distillers will be close by. Join these master crafters in a shared passion of great quality products, distilled in the beautiful state of Tasmania.